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AER Email newsletterAssembly of European Regions (AER) newsletterAssembly of European Regions (AER)2015 - 2018
AER newsletterAssembly of European Regions (AER) newsletterAssembly of European Regions (AER)1998 - 2015
ALLEA newsletterThe newletter provides regular reports about European academies’ activities on research policy and science advice. Federation of All European Academies (ALLEA), Berlin2013 -
ASEF eNewsletterMonthly newsletter replaces ASEFNews.Asia-Europe-Foundation2010 -
ASEFNewsOverview of the latest ASEF projects, new ASEF publications, upcoming activities of ASEF and Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) ; replaced by ASEF eNewsletterAsia-Europe-Foundation2008 - 2010
AssekuranzAgendaErsetzt "Bericht aus Brüssel": Informationen über aktuelle Themen der europäischen Versicherungspolitik und die Positionen der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft German Insurance Association (GDV), Berlin2009 - 2016
Bildung für EuropaDer Newsletter informiert unter thematischen Schwerpunktsetzungen über die aktuellen Entwicklungen im EU-Programm Erasmus+ und in der europäischen Bildungszusammenarbeit.Nationale Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB), Bonn2001 -
Cafebabel Europe Magazinecafebabel.com, Parisonly the last 2 years
Central Europe Review  Weekly internet journal of Central and East European politics, society and culture 1999 - 2000
CollegiumQuarterly published by the academic assistants and students of the College of Europe.College of Europe, Brügge2000 -
CoR NewsletterSeveral monthly eNewsletters with region-specific content provide the latest news, forward-looking information about the Committees' activities as well as interviews and articles. Committee of the Regionsonly subscription
CPMR NewsletterNewsletter with interviews and analyses of the main EU events and policies of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (around 150 regions from 28 countries form the CPMR). Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR)2016 -
DigiCULT.Info Quarterly electronic journal presenting current news, articles, interviews, opinions, and issues related to cultural heritage and the information societySalzburg Research; University of Glasgow2002 - 2005
EBLIDA NewsletterMonthly publication on library & Information Society issues of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations, The Hague1998 -
eBulletinNews about Agency projects, events, publications, as well as updates from Agency member countriesEuropean Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education2012 -
ECF newsletterNewsletter with issues such as citizenship education, defence of Human Rights and the advocacy of Democracy.European Civic Forum (ECF), Paris2010 -
ECSEL newsletterMonthly news briefECSEL Joint Undertaking (Electronic components and systems for European Leadership)2014 -
EFTA BulletinThe European Free Trade Association - EFTA - is an international organisation promoting free trade and economic integration. The Association maintains the management of (1) the EFTA free trade area, (2) the EFTA participation in the European Economic AreaThe European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Genf/Brüssel2000 -
EIPAscope  The annual bulletin aims to increase public awareness of current European issues and to provide information about the work carried out by the Institute.European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), Maastricht2000 - 2014
ENWHP NewletterBimonthly newsletter with up-to-date information, projects, news from ENWHP members, upcoming events and good practice from the field of workplace health promotion.European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, Essen2018 -
ESA Bulletin European Space Agency (ESA)1975 - 2018
EucrimOnline journal that offers a Europe-wide platform for European criminal law with news about current developments and academic contributionsMax Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law; Vereinigung für Europäisches Strafrecht e.V.; co-financed by the European Commission, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)2006 -
Euromed Report Major meeting conclusions, statements, press releases, speeches, summaries or excerpts of reports and other documents on subjects related to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Fondazione Mediterraneo, Neapel14/2000 - 96/2006
Euromed Special Feature Interviews with actors on topics of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Fondazione Mediterraneo, Neapel15/2000 - 43/2005
Euromed Synopsis Weekly news bulletin on activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Fondazione Mediterraneo, Neapel109/2000 - 370/2006
European NewsletterThe newletter monitors and analyses developments in the European Union. It offers a UK perspective of these developments and, through guest commentaries, provides a forum for differing views on the debate.The Federal Trust, London2003 - 2008
European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ)eQuarterly for European Foreign, Foreign Trade, Development, Security Policy, EU - Third Country Relations and Regional IntegrationLIBERTAS – European Institute2009 - 2017
euro|topics The press review from EU member states, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine with information on political, economic and social issuesFederal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), Bonn2005 -
Future of Europe ObserverThe Future of Europe Observer accompanies the debate in the European Union on governance and regulation.Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn2013 -
In touch with EUEIA newsletter with information of the Association's activities and EU informationEuropean Information Association2010 - 2012
IntegrationQuarterly publication that deals with the political dimension of fundamental contemporary issues in European integration from a practical and academic perspective.Institute for European Politics (IEP), Berlin1992 -
JCERJournal of Contemporary European Research with analyses on Politics/International Relations, Area Studies, European Integration, Economics, Law, History, Culture and Learning & Teaching.University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), London2005 -
JEMIE Electronic journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in EuropeEuropean Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Flensburg2000 -
Journal of NordregioQuarterly with information on globalisation, eastern expansion of the EU, environmental policy etc.Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (NORDREGIO), Stockholm2001 - 2011
LeaDeRsOnline newsletter of Liberal and Democrat Regional and Local Politicians, ALDE Group in the Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions, ALDE Group2013 - 2016
Letter of the Robert Schuman Foundation Weekly letter with a summary of the latest European news in five languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Polish)Robert Schuman Foundation, Paris2002 -
Living Reviews in European Governance (LREG)Electronic journal on EU integration and governanceEuropean Community Studies Association Austria (ECSA), Institute for European Integration Research / Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wien2006 - 2015
MCE NewsletterNewsletter of the Organisation “Major Cities of Europe – IT Users Group”, composed of leading experts of Innovation in cities.Major Cities of Europe (MCE)2008 - 2018
Minerva newsletter Periodic newsletter informing on activities carried out by Minerva Projects (events, publications, documents etc.). MINERVA is a network for digitisation of cultural and scientific content for creating an agreed European common platform.MINERVA network of Member States' Ministries, Rom2003 - 2012
NECE newsletterNetworking European Citizenship Education (NECE): insights into current professional debates, reports on important events, and offers information on interesting activities and publications.Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung , Bonn2009 -
Newsletter der NA beim BIBB Nationale Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB), Bonn2019 -
Nordregio Magazine Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (NORDREGIO), Stockholm2018 -
Nordregio News Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (NORDREGIO), Stockholm2011 - 2017
Politico EuropeEuropean edition of the American news organization Politico reporting on the European UnionPolitico and Axel Springer AG2015 -
RAXEN BulletinThe bulletin provides information on current events, studies and statistics in the areas of discrimination and xenophobia.European Forum for Migration Studies (efms), University of Bamberg (beendet Juni 2019)2005 - 2010
The Parliament MagazineInformation on politics, policy and peopleDods Group (Brussels, London)2013 -
TRIALOG BulletinYearly bulletin reflects the work of TRIALOG and EU13 development CSO platforms.TRIALOG office, Vienna office for EU Enlargement and NGDOs2000 - 2013
TRIALOG Policy DigestThe TRIALOG Information Service (TIS) is addressed to NGOs and individuals who are interested in development issues in the context of EU enlargement.TRIALOG office, Vienna office for EU Enlargement and NGDOs2007 - 2015
TRIALOG Information ServiceTRIALOG Policy Digests provide insight to currently discussed development policy topics.TRIALOG office, Vienna office for EU Enlargement and NGDOs2012 - 2015
Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ)Topics covered include Turkish politics, Turkish foreign policy (including coverage of Turkey-EU relations and membership), terrorism and regional security, the rise of Islam in Turkey and its impact on policy.ARI Movement, Instanbul2002 -
Urban VoiceNewsletter of the network of major European citiesEUROCITIES, network of major European cities2011 - 2017
ZEI EU-Turkey-MonitorDie Zeitschrift erscheint dreimal im Jahr und soll die Beitrittsverhandlungen begleiten und den gegenseitigen Dialog stärken.Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn2005 - 2011