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AER papers and reports Assembly of European Regions (AER)1998 -
Andrássy Abhandlungen Andrássy Universität, Budapest2004 - 2015
Andrássy Working Papers Andrássy Universität, Budapest2002 - 2015
BRIGG working papersThe papers are dedicated to the study of the European Union and other forms of regionalism or interregionalism from a comparative perspective, the role of regional organisations in global governance as well as these regions' external relations and diplomaCollege of Europe, Bruges2003 -
Bruges European Economic Research Papers (BEER) College of Europe, Bruges2008 - 2015
Bruges Political Research PapersResearch activities of the Political and Administrative Studies DepartmentCollege of Europe, Bruges2004 - 2017
CER publicationsWorking papers, policy briefs and reports of the Centre for European Reform(CER), a think-tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future of the European Union. It is a forum for people with ideas from Britain and across the continent toCentre for European Reform, London1998 -
CFE Conference PapersProceedings from conferences, workshops and seminar series arranged by CFECentre for European Studies, Lund University2006 - 2017
CFE Working PapersThe aim is to encourage research, education, and long-term competence in Europe, with focus on of the social sciences, humanities, and law.Centre for European Studies, Lund University1998 - 2016
CONNEX / EUROGOV - European Governance Papers Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES), Mannheim2005 - 2008
CoR NewsletterSeveral monthly eNewsletters with region-specific content provide the latest news, forward-looking information about the Committees' activities as well as interviews and articles. Committee of the Regionsonly subscription
C·A·P publicationsForschungsgruppe Europa am Münchner Centrum für angewandte PolitikforschungCenter for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P), University of Munich1997 -
DIW-Diskussionspapiere Aktuelle Wirtschafts- und Strukturdaten, Prognosen und Gutachten sowie Dienstleistungen im Bereich der quantitativen ÖkonomieGerman Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin1998-
ECMI Working Papers European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Flensburg1998 -
EFPU working paper seriesWorking papers on European foreign policyLondon School of Economics and Political Science, European Foreign Policy Unit2001 - 2017
EI Working Papers Europainstitut, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business1993 - 2009
EPC publicationsThe publications address the major challenges facing the EU and look at the long-term trends underpinning EU policymaking.European Policy Centre, Brüssel2003 -
ERPA-European Research Papers Archive Common access point for online working paper series in the field of European integration researchMPIfG Köln; ECSA; ARENA Oslo; EUROGOV; ESRC; EUI Florenz; MZES etc.1998 - 2015
EU Diplomacy PapersThe papers are dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the European Union’s external relations and external aspects of EU internal policies.College of Europe, Bruges2006 -
EU-WatchInternet platform with material on discourses on European policies in its Member States and accession countries.Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin1998 - 2015
European Integration Online Papers (EIoP) E-Journal der intersdisziplinären IntegrationsforschungEuropean Community Studies Association Austria, Wien1997 - 2015
European Policy BriefsThe series focus on current political and constitutional developments in the European Union; assess and analyse major controversies in the British debate about Europe.The Federal Trust (London)2003 -
Federal Trust Working Group ReportsReports of Federal Trust Working Groups on developments in key policy areas.The Federal Trust (London)2002 -
HEUNI Papers Articles on developments in crime and criminal justice in EuropeEuropean Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI), Helsinki1993 - 2008
HEUNI Reports Studies, seminar reports, and other material on developments in crime and criminal justice in Europe.European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI), Helsinki1983 -
Jean Monnet Working Papers  Jean Monnet Center at NYU School of Law1995 -
LeaDeRsOnline newsletter of Liberal and Democrat Regional and Local Politicians, ALDE Group in the Committee of the RegionsCommittee of the Regions, ALDE Group2013 - 2016
MPIfG: Discussion Papers Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, Köln1993 -
MZES Arbeitspapiere  Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung1992 -
Notre Europe Policy Papers"Policy Papers" put in perspective a European policy question on the basis of analyses and recommendations.Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, Paris2002 -
Policy PapersThe Foundation’s mission is to support the development of an open, democratic society in Poland and other Central and East European countries.Stefan Batory Foundation (independent private Polish foundation), Warsaw2001 -
RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)Collaboration of hundreds of volunteers in 102 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences: decentralized database of working papers, journal articles, books etc.hosted by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Research Division 1993 -
Research papers in lawResearch activities of the Legal Department of the College of EuropeCollege of Europe, Bruges2003 -
RSCAS Policy papers  European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, San Domenico di Fiesole1996 -
RSCAS Working papers European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, San Domenico di Fiesole1987 -
SEI Working Papers  Sussex European Institute1993 -
WHI PapersBeiträge zu aktuellen Fragen des Europäischen Verfassungs- und WirtschaftsrechtsWalter Hallstein-Institut für Europäisches Verfassungsrecht der Humboldt-Universität Berlin1997 -
wiiw Papers and Reports Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW)2000 -
ZEI publications: Discussion Papers  Die Beiträge fassen häufig Ergebnisse aus laufenden Forschungsprojekten des ZEI zusammen.Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn1998 -
ZEI publications: Working PapersDie Texte behandeln vor allem die wirtschafts- und geldpolitischen Implikationen des europäischen Integrationsprozesses.Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn1998 - 2012
ZERP Arbeitspapiere   Zentrum für Europäische Rechtspolitik, Bremen2009 -
ZERP Diskussionspapiere   Zentrum für Europäische Rechtspolitik, Bremen1994 - 2015
ZEW Discussion Papers Mit Beiträgen, die überwiegend in Englisch verfasst sind, beteiligen sich die Forscher des ZEW an wissenschaftlichen Fachdebatten. Die Publikationen enthalten vorläufige Beiträge, die zur Veröffentlichung in Fachzeitschriften vorgesehen sind.Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung, Mannheim1991 -