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EU Journals: Customs union and trade policy

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Title Content Institution (Publisher) Holdings
Bulletin of the European ParliamentBulletin of the European Parliament on Activities, Calendar of meetings and Post-session activities European Parliament1999 - 2006
Bulletin of the European UnionThe Bulletin appears ten times a year in all the Community languages and provides a monthly insight into the activities of the European institutions. (archived website)European Commission, Secretariat-General1/1996 - 2009
EPSC NewsletterNewsletter of the European Political Strategy Centre, the European Commission's in-house think tankEuropean Commission, European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)2015 - 2017
EU Trade NewsletterEuropean Union Trade News, insight into the EU common trade policy and trade negotiations,European Commission, Directorate-General for Trade2016 - 2017
EU-Nachrichten: DokumentationSonderhefte der EU-Nachrichten mit der vollständigen Darstellung der Schlussfolgerungen des RatesEuropean Commission, Representation in Germany2001 - 2011
EU-Nachrichten: Themenhefte Sonderausgaben der EU-Nachrichten über ein aktuelles poltisches SchwerpunktthemaEuropean Commission, Representation in Germany2002 - 2011
EU-Nachrichten Newsletter der Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission in Deutschland European Commission, Representation in Germany2016 - 
EurobarometerEU Public Opinion Analysis (Standard-Eurobarometer, Special EB, Qualitative EB, Central and Eastern Eurobarometer, Flash EB) and archiveEuropean Commission1974 - 
EuroLat NewsletterNewsletter of the Euro-Latin Parliamentary Assembly, a parliamentary institution of the Bi-regional Strategic Association established in June 1999 in the context of the EU-CELAC Summit (between European Union-Latin American and Caribbean). European Parliament, Euro-Latin Parliamentary Assembly2009 - 2017
Newsletter / Publications OfficeThe Newsletter helps to keep you up-to-date with the latest EU publications and offers in-depth articles on the latest developments in EU policies and activities.Publications Office, Luxembourg2013 -
Taxation and Customs Newsletters European Commission, Directorate-General Taxation and Customs2016 -
Taxation papersThe aim of the "Taxation papers" is twofold: to facilitate the spreading of the analysis of the Commission's Taxation and Customs Union DG and to contribute to the debate on taxation in the European Union. European Commission, Directorate-General Taxation and Customs2004 -