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Titel:Projects, studies and research on illicit drugs : 2007 - 2010
Herausgeber:Europäische Kommission / Generaldirektion Justiz
Typ:Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Signatur:ArchiDok (PID): 163915
Titel:Nesting Europe
Paralleltitel:The State of European Studies and Research in Romania|Einnisten in Europa
Abstract:The aim of this paper is provide an overview of European studies in Romania try to offer some information and perspectives which can help both Romanian institutions and the community of scholars in gearing their policies and efforts towards a faster institutionalisation of this research area. The paper concludes that there are a number of similarities with several other EU member states and accession countries. The paper starts with a basic evaluation of the disciplinary links between political science, international relations and European studies in Romania. This is followed by a look into the patterns of co-operation between Romanian universities, both inside and outside the country. It then moves to the description of dominant approaches in studying and teaching European integration. Next is the presentation of two alternative visions on the development of European studies in Romania and in other accession countries. Special attention is given to think thanks and NGO's that focus on the EU and whose aim it is to promote the study of European integration in Romania.
[Urheber s. Copyright]
Autor:Craciun, Claudiu
Verlag:National School of Political Studies and Administration | Political Science Department
Typ:Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Signatur:ArchiDok (PID): 18276