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100 Books on Europe to rememberComprehensive selection of academic, intellectual and political works on the European idea and the development of the European integration process, taking into account the vast geographical, linguistic and intellectual spectrum of ideas.bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Parliament
AEIArchive of European Integration is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification. The AEI collects two types of materials: certain types of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/European Union documents.fulltext University of Pittsburgh
Agreement DatabaseCollection of agreements with third countries and international organisationsbibliographicalCouncil of the EU
Anti-Muslim hatred database (2012-2019)The Database provides information on significant international, European and national case law and rulings, UN human rights body decisions, reports, findings by human rights and equality bodies and organisations relating to hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims, as well as relevant research, reports, studies, data and statistics on these issues. It also provides information on victims' support organisations in the EU Member States.factual ; bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
BEREC document registerPublic Register of BEREC and BEREC Office Documentsfulltext Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), Riga
CadmusEUI's open access research repository and contains the EUI-members' academic publications produced during their time at the EUI and those based on research carried out during their time at the EUI.bibliographical; fulltextEuropean University Institute (EUI)
Case law / Common portalSearch in all the national case law databasesfulltext Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union
CCVista Translations DatabaseTranslations of legal acts of the EU (until 2014)fulltext European Commission, DG Enlargement, Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office
CJC DatabaseCase-law which was suggested by project participants (judges and lawyers) within the 2 DG Justice supported project JUDCOOP (Judicial Cooperation Project) and ACTIONES (Active Charter Training through Interaction Of National ExperienceS)fulltext European University, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Centre for Judicial Cooperation
Competition casesCase search for antitrust and cartels, mergers, state aidfactual; fulltextEuropean Commission, DG Competition
Complaints databaseComplaints about maladministration in EU institutions, bodies, offices, and agenciesfulltext European Ombudsman
CONNECTDatabase of national Parliament documentsfulltext European Parliament
COREOpen access research papers from repositories and journals worldwidefulltext The Open University, Milton Keynes/UK
CPVO / PVR case lawAccess to Plant Variety Right case law from EU States and deciding bodies on Plant Variety Right issues.bibliographical; fulltextCommunity Plant Variety Office (CPVO)
CPVO Variety FinderNational data of varieties applied for or granted plant variety rights, national listings of agricultural and vegetable species, some commercial registers and EU registered trademarks for class 31.factual Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO)
Criminal Detention Database (2015-2019)Information on detention conditions in all 28 EU Member Statesfactual ; bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
CURIA / InfoCuriaDatabase of the European Court of Justice and Court of First Instance (since June 1997)fulltext European Court of Justice
CURIA LibraryLibrary catalogue of the Court of Justice of the EUfactual European Court of Justice
CVCECentre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe : information on the history of European integration with major historical events since 1945: multimedia material (speeches, historical documents, photos, facsimiles, cartoons, sound clips, film recordings, interviews, interactive maps and diagrams, etc.) fulltext Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe, Luxembourg
DART-Europe E-theses PortalCooperation of research libraries and library consortia to improve global access to European research thesesfulltext LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche), European Working Group of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Data and statisticsData on the drug situation in Europe provided by the Member Statesfactual European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)
DEC.NATDatabase containing national case law regarding European Union law from 1959 up to the present day.bibliographical; fulltextAssociation of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union i.n.pa.
DocsRoomSearch for the documents published on European Commission websitesVolltextEuropean Commission
eAmbrosiaRegister of the names of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wine, and spirit drinks that are registered and protected across the EUfactual; fulltextEuropean Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development
ECB - Legal frameworkAll ESCB/ECB legal acts sorted by topic and time (since 1992); each legal act presented with corrigenda, repealed legislation, related ECB acts, related adopted Community legislation and other related information, such as press releases.fulltext European Central Bank
ECCRSEuropean Consumer Complaints Registration System (ECCRS): Consumer complaints database with harmonised EU statistics on consumer complaints and inquiries(discontinued; 2006-2018)factual European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers
ECLI-SearchEuropean e-Justice Portal: Search for legal decisions/judgments with an assigned ECLI identifierbibliographical; fulltextEuropean e-Justice Portal
EDC DatabaseDatabase of the European Documentation Centre, University of Mannheimbibliographical; fulltextEuropean Documentation Centre, University of Mannheim
EEA-LexDatabase contains proposed EU legal acts with possible EEA relevance, adopted EU acts under consideration for incorporation into the EEA Agreement, and acts that have already been incorporated into the Agreement.fulltext European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
EFRISEU Fundamental Rights Information System: Gateway, bringing together data and information from existing human rights databases, and enables viewing and analysis of relevant assessments of fundamental rights in the EU.factual ; bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard database fulltext EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA)
EFTA Public document database fulltext EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA)
EIB ArchiveHistorical Archive of the EIB with documents from 1956 to 2015bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Investment Bank (EIB) | European University Institute (EUI)
EJN Registry factual; fulltextEuropean Justicial Network (EJN)
ERA Databases and RegistersAccess to documents for all railway market actorsfactual European Railway Agency (ERA)
ERATVEuropean Register of Authorised Types of Vehicles: data on types of vehicle authorised by the Member States pursuant to Article 26 of Directive 2008/57/EC.factual European Railway Agency (ERA)
ERM database on restructuring related legislationInformation on about 370 regulations in the Member States of the EU and Norway. The database covers statutory rules, only and does not include collective agreements or company-level initiatives.factualEuropean Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)
ESMA databases and registersList to all ESMA databases and registersfactual European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
ESMA Registers portalInformation concerning the European regulatory framework for investment firms and credit institutions.factual European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
ESOEuropean Sources Online database and information service: information on the institutions and activities of the E U, the countries, regions and other international organisations of Europefaktisch; VolltextEuropean Sources Online, Cardiff University
EspacenetFree access to information about inventions and technical developments from 1782 to today. factual; fulltextEuropean Patent Office (EPO), Munich
EU Law and publicationsSingle access point to all the publications, EU law and data managed by the Publications Officebibliographical; fulltextPublications Office, Luxembourg
EU Open Data PortalSingle point of access to open data from EU institutions, agencies and other bodiesfactual Publications Office, Luxembourg
EU Pesticides DatabaseThis database is made to consult the Maximum Residue Level (MRLs) set in the Annexes to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 and information about active substances.factual; fulltextEuropean Commission
EU PublicationsFormerly "EU Bookshop": Online library of publications from the institutions and other bodies of the European Unionfactual; fulltextPublications Office, Luxembourg
EU Web ArchiveWeb archive for the EU institutions: content and design of websites as it was at a given point in timefactual; fulltextPublications Office, Luxembourg
EUAA publications databaseLiterature database: publications with particular attention to asylum-related migration (studies, such as academic research, policy or position papers, briefs, and research reports)factual European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
EUIPO DatabasesDatabases (TmClass, TmView; DesignClass, DesignView) of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO): Information about trade marks, designs, owners, representatives and bulletins; EUIPO decisions, judgments of the General Court, Court of Justice and national courtsfactual; fulltextEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
EUR-LexAccess to Eropean Union Lawfulltext Publications Office, Luxembourg
EurobarometerEurobarometer since 1974factual; fulltextEuropean Commission
EuroCasesCollection of national and European case law linked to International and EU law (not free of charge, but free limited access after registration)factual; fulltextAPIS, Sofia
European Business Registers (EBR)According to directive 2012/17/EU (interconnection of central, commercial and companies registers), the European e-Justice Portal will serve as the European electronic access point for business register information. Until the transposition of the Directive, the EBR is the only network of business registers that operates at European level. Currently, the business registers of 17 Member States of the EU and five other European countries or crown dependencies take part in the EBR network.factual European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers
European Citizen’s Initiative RegisterPortal with search for open and archived initiativesfactual European Commission
European Patent RegisterSource of publicly available procedural information on European patent applications as they pass through each stage of the granting process.factual; fulltextEuropean Patent Office (EPO), Munich
EuroTermBankConsolidate European terminology: Online terminology bank for languages of the European Union and Icelandic, interlinked to other terminology banks and resources. The EuroTermBank enables exchange of terminology data with existing national and EU terminology databasesfactual Terminology for Europe network
Financial Transparency System (FTS)Information on beneficiaries of funding from the EU budget paid by the Commission directly (since 2007), and beneficiaries of the European Development Fund (since 2010)factual European Commission, DG Budget
Find-eREuropean's Commission Library catalogue and online resources bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Commission
FRA Case lawThe database gives a compilation of European Court of Justice (ECJ) case law with a direct reference to the Fundamental Rights Charter and a selection of national leading case law from all EU member states with direct references to the Fundamental Rights Charter is planned. factual European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
GlossaryLinksGlossary search tool with a database of almost 2500 glossaries factual European Parliament, Terminology Coordination
GovLitBibliographic information about publicationson EU governance from a variety of sources, including the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), Google Scholar, and the British Library (1957-2007); developed under the framework of CONNEX: a Network of Excellence financially supported by the European Union's 6th Framework Programmebibliographical; fulltextMannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung, Mannheim
Harmonised DatabaseThe Database contains more than 70 000 terms from which our users can select the goods and services for which they seek protection in their trade mark applications.factual European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
Historical Archive - CASECentral Archives Search Engine (CASE): Suchmaschine des Zentralarchivs mit Zugang zu Beschreibungen der ArchivalienbiobliographicalCouncil of the European Union
Historical Archive - EIBThe historical archives of the EIB are regularly transferred to the Historical Archives of the European Unionbibliographical; fulltextEuropean Investmant Bank
Historical Archive - EPMaterial on the Parliament’s legislative and political activity from 1952 until 2009biobliographicalEuropean Parliament
Historical Archive - European OmbudsmanBackground information on the process that led to the creation and establishment of the European Ombudsman (since 1992).fulltext European Ombudsman
IATEMultilingual terminology database (Inter-Active Terminology for Europe)factual European Commission
InforEuroMonthly accounting rate of the eurofactual European Commission, DG Budget
Infringements of EU lawCommission decisions in the context of infringement proceedings (since 2002)factual European Commission, Secretariat-General
Insolvency Register (interconnected)The register allows to search for insolvent entities, either natural or legal persons, within the EU. This service is provided by the European Commission in cooperation with the participating Member States: Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia.factual European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers
Interinstitutional register of delegated actsAccess to the various steps in the preparation, adoption, scrutiny and publication of delegated acts (to supplement or amend existing legislation). fulltext European Commission
IPEXPlatform for the electronic exchange of EU-related information between parliaments in the European Union. Parliamentary documents, which are uploaded individually by each national parliament, are the main building blocks of the IPEX database. These documents are organised according to the specific EU document which they relate to (COM, SEC since 2006).fulltext European Union
IRIS MerlinDatabase on legal information relevant to the audiovisual sektor in Europefactual; fulltextEuropean Audiovisual Observatory, Straßburg
JUREThe JURE (Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters) collection contains relevant judgments delivered by courts in contracting states (EU Member States and if applicable Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and the EU Court of Justice. factual; fulltextEuropean Commission
JuriFastFast information system for case lawbibliographical; fulltextAssociation of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union i.n.pa.
KCMD Data CatalogueThe Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) Data Catalogue is a table of data sources relevant to Migration and Demography policies. Each data source is listed with its summary description, the link to its web site and other metadata. The catalogue will include official EU and international statistics, as well as important data sets at Member State level.factual European Commission
Legislative procedures (ex PreLex)Database on inter-institutional procedures: decision-making process between the Commission and the other institutionsfactual; fulltextPublications Office, Luxembourg
Library online catalogue EESC InfoSearchOnline catalogue and search tool of the EESC Information Centrebibliographical; fulltextEuropean Economic and Social Committee
Library online catalogue EurekaGateway to the information resources and knowledge base of the Council librariesbibliographical; fulltextCouncil of the European Union
Library online catalogue GOORFYLibrary's online discovery tool, Good Reading for You (GOORFY)bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Committee of the Regions
MIRIS Minority Rights Information SystemfulltextEuropean Academy (EURAC), Bozen/Bolzano
N-LexA common gateway to national law [database under construction]fulltext Publications Office, Luxembourg
Nando ISNew Approach Notified and Designated Organisations Information System: European notified bodies as well as third country bodies designated under formal agreements responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment procedures referred to in the applicable New Approach directives. factual European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW)
National Parliaments opinions (NPO)Opinions given by national Parliaments on Commission proposals and consultation papers as well as the response of the Commission to these opinions (since 2008)fulltext European Commission, Secretariat-General
OEILLegislative Observatory: Planning and monitoring of interinstitutional legislative proceduresbiobliographicalEuropean Parliament
OpenAIREOpenAIRE’s mission is closely linked to the mission of the European Commission: to provide unlimited, barrier free, open access to research outputs financed by public funding in Europe. OpenAIRE has grown through a series of project phases funded by the European Commission: from the Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER) projects to link Europe’s repository infrastructure, to the first OpenAIRE project aimed to assist the EC in implementing its initial pilot for Open Access (OA) to publications. fulltext OpenAIRE,network of Open Access repositories, archives and journals | European Commission
OpenGreySystem for information on grey literature in Europe, covering science, technology, biomedical science, economics, social science and humanities including (bibliographical references, abstracts and partly fulltexts); document types: technical or research reports, doctoral dissertations, conference papers, official publications etc.bibliographical; fulltextInstitut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST-CNRS), Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy/Frankreich
ORBISOpen Repository Base on International Strategic Studies (library of prospective studies)fulltext European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS), a unique inter-institutional project of European Commission, European Parliament, Secretariat General of the Council of the European Union and the European External Action Service
Ordinary legislative procedureOrdinary legislative procedure provided for by Article 294 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (Former CODEC database for codecision procedure, Art. 251 of the Treaty)bibliographical; fulltextCouncil of the European Union
PE ReportsReports of the European Parlament (since 1996) fulltextEuropean Parliament
Plant variety databaseDatabase of registered plant varieties offers a search tool for all the agricultural and vegetable plant varieties whose seed can be marketed throughout the European Union.factual European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE)
PRADOPublic Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents Onlinefactual Council of the European Union
Press releasesPress releases database of the European Economic and Social Committee (since 1997)fulltext European Economic and Social Committee
Press releasesPress releases database of the European Investment Bank (since 1997)fulltext European Investment Bank
Press releasesPress releases database of the European Central Bank (since 1997)fulltext European Central Bank
Press releasesPress releases databases of the EU Institutionsfulltext European Union
Press releases and statementsPress releases database of the Council of the European Union and the European Council (since November 2009)fulltext Council of the European Union
Press releases database (ex RAPID) Press releases database: Daily press information service about the EU, speeches, declarations etc. fulltextEuropean Commission
RAN Collection databaseRadicalisation Awareness Network (RAN); Collection of approaches, lessons learned and practices presents a set of eight practitioners’ approaches in the field of prevention of radicalisation, each of them illustrated by a number of selected practices and projects.factualEuropean Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs, Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)
RDDReference Document Database: access to national rules applied for the authorisation of railway vehicles, their equivalence and the National Legal Frameworks applied in the Member States of the European Union plus Norway and Switzerlandfactual European Railway Agency (ERA)
Register of ComitologyDocuments since 1st of January 2003: agendas of committee meetings, draft implementing measures, summary records of committee meetings, voting results of opinions delivered by a committeefulltextEuropean Commission
Register of documents e-EEAS Register: Access to documents of the European External Action ServicefulltextEuropean External Action Service (EEAS)
Register of documents Access to documents of the Committee of the RegionsfulltextEuropean Committee of the Regions
Register of documents Access to documents of Community Plant Variety OfficefulltextCommunity Plant Variety Office (CPVO)
Register of documents Access to documents of Council of the European Union fulltextCouncil of the European Union
Register of documents COM, C and SEC documents and other categories such as the agendas and minutes of Commission meetingsfulltextEuropean Commission
Register of documents Access to documents of the European Economic and Social CommitteefulltextEuropean Economic and Social Committee
Register of documents Access to documents of the European ParliamentfulltextEuropean Parliament
Register of documents Access to documents of the Data Protection OfficerfulltextData Protection Officer
Register of expert groups Overview of the advisory bodies that assist the Commission and its services in preparing legislative proposals and policy initiativesfactual European Commission
Register of the European Citizens' InitiativePortal with search of current and previous initiativesfaktisch European Commission
Register of TransparencyInformation on interest representatives (lobbyists) who engage with European institutions with a view to influencing policy formation and the decision-making process. [Video]factual European Commission | European Parliament
RES LEGAL EuropeRenewable energy policy database (EU Member States, the EFTA Countries and the Members of the Energy Community): information on energy sectors electricity, heating & cooling and transport. factual; bibliographical; fulltextEuropean Commission, DG Energy
SEDIA PortalSingle Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA): Entry point for EU funding programmes and tendersfactual European Commission
Self- and Co-Regulation DatabaseIn 2005, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the European Commission decided to gather operational knowledge on EU self- and co-regulation. The database maps initiatives with an EU dimension (i.e. involving more than one Member State) since 2006. Most of these are linked to the Single Market. factual European Economic and Social Committee
Small Business Act - Database of good practicesDatabase contains activities by public authorities in EU Member States, recognised as good practices to improve the business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).factual European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW)
State aid register of EFTA StatesState aid rules in the EEA Agreement are broadly equivalent to the state aid rules in the EC Treaty and which apply across the EU. The state aid register gives access to all the decisions since 1994 taken by EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA). fulltext EFTA Surveillance Authority
StatewatchState und civil rights in the UK and Europe fulltext Statewatch, London
Summaries of EU legislation Information on the main aspects of the European legislation, policies and activities. These Summaries cover 32 topics corresponding to the activities of the EU. fulltext Publications Office, Luxembourg
TAIEX EventsDatabase with data on types of events, thematic areas of focus, results and follow up actionsfactual; fulltextEuropean Commission, DG Enlargement, Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office
TAIEX JurisvistaHistorical judgments of the ECJ and CFI in beneficiary country languagesfulltext European Commission, DG Enlargement, Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office
TAIEX LADTAIEX Law Approximation Database provides a global overview of the legislative progress of candidate countries in the process of approximation of national legislation to the EU acquis communautaire.factual; fulltext European Commission, DG Enlargement, Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office
Tools and databasesMore than 20 databases and tools for the in the field of internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and SMEfactual; fulltextEuropean Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
UrbisUnified Repository Base on Implementation Studies: reports from relevant actors relating to the initiatives of the Commission Work Programme; offers EP Members insight to other levels of decision involved before they start amending the Commission legislative proposals (since 2014)fulltext European Parliament